The Year of 2019 Resolution

Don’t believe that now is 2019 already.

And I am turned 27 October last year.

Whatcha to say, now I am nearing 30 years old 😀

But yeah, this is the end of the year and its time to re-evaluate and to plan for the year ahead.

Many things happened in the 2018.

I started my new roles at my office which is not involve coding.

At first it was fun, you know meeting new people with different backgrounds. On my jobdesk mostly are people from Business or Marketing major at college.

They’re outgoing, fun and loud.

But over time, I found out the workplace environment becomes too noisy for an introvert person likes me. So on July 2018 I changed role again.

My previous boss is an Indian, and the newer is American-born Moroccan, they both are very smart and excels highly in their field.

My new role suited me better, its relating with Big Data and all of the hypes. Its good and challenging.

I also go through many leadership training, involves around how to practice 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, first on Self and then on the Team. And then there’s also a Situational Leadership Training, on how to coach your team according to the team’s situational status. And then I also attended SCRUM training also.

Thats very refreshing and gives me many insightful materials on how to become a good leader, and as my career progressed forward, I think I will become more in the managerial side with my coding background as a help aid.

I also got an offer to do voluntary work and helping my friend become Head of IT on his startup, I reluctantly accept, but I think I am not continuing it because of I am quite busy with my new roles as of now.

2018 is a pretty good year indeed.

On around February – May I got in a casual non-status relationship with a girl, she was from a dating online app, and then we got together casually before I decided to end it before fasting month.

And then in August 2018 I got myself a new girlfriend, met her at office event, she is pretty, smart, got a great connection and social circle. Basically a whole package you get it all-in. But with all the good things, there’s always one drawback, major drawback. That is she in a different faith than me.

I was always dreaming on having a relationship with girl from different religion, and never think too far on it, its like the saying of, “be careful on what you wish for.”

We’re still in a relationship as of now I am writing the article, she began to push me to become more serious with our relationship, but many things are need to be checked first.

On the financial side, I bought myself a new MacBook Pro 15 inch, year 2015. It is still a beast even 3 years later. Bought myself several high-end audio pieces, like AirPods and Bose Speaker, and then in November I bought myself the new iPhone XS Max. Bought me another watch around $300. It was a pretty splurging year.

This year I also began to invest two times, and netted me profit around 11 mio rupiah, a decent one I think.

But this year also I lost my passive incomes, on September, and still think how I will make another passive incomes.

This year I went to many places, mostly in Puncak because of company outing. I went to Puncak 3 times this year lol, and I also went to Bromo. It is a very good place, I always like mountains, but Bromo is on another level, its very surreal and otherworldly.

I went to Yogyakarta for my brother final graduation, its a sad and serene feeling that my brother will now leaving Yogyakarta for good. Previously when we go to Yogyakarta its because my brother is there, studying for college. But after his graduate, its starting to become a strange place. Much like mine when I am graduate and then leaving Bandung.

So to sum up… 2018 I am still make a huge amount of spending. And I think for 2019 I will :

  • invest more
  • bought me a new house
  • bought me a new car
  • be a real manager / senior lead
  • more robust money management
  • And a lot of things which I am currently planning on my mind…

See ya.

Salam 🙂


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