The Year of 2018 Resolution

Time passes very fast, and now is time for me to make a yearly notes about resolution and retrospective. And… here comes the Year of 2018 Resolution.

I still do not think that 2017 will be passed this quickly.

I still think 2017 is not a very good year for me,

At least from my perspective. If you read my previous post, I was optimist about 2017, I said I will be making much money and on top of it I will not doing it alone. But I was wrong.

I don’t want to talk about it, the 2017 begin with a betrayal and then I believe most of it just a huge miscommunication and misunderstanding. And then I spends the most of it to moving on and just recover from it. Also plus one guy who is experiencing the same thing like me lol.

I ended up unfollowed her Instagram, cut her off from all my contacts, unfollowed our Instagram business that we made together, destroyed our site, just things a simple man like me will do. I think she doesn’t know yet about it, but when she finally know, “What the worst things can happen?” She will just unfollow-me-IG back, and that’s the best response she could give for me.

The thing learned is that we can’t just trust people easily, as always. And so for the long run I will prefer still doing anything (which involve building a business, or empire) by myself. Like how I always do with the TWOH’s Engineering and others.

That’s one of the 2017’s have given to me. But thanks to my friends, my girl friends, my side chicks who have helped me through all of this.

This year I also have a new girlfriend. We’re just casually on it, I am not yet thinking of bringing it to more serious stage of relationship. (Don’t worry. She won’t read it 🙂 )

2017 also marks my 4th years stay in Jakarta. I get used to things, I know places, made friends, gaining experiences and lot more.

I first came to Jakarta on August 2013, so yeah, this is my 4th years in Jakarta. And now I am on my way to my five years stay in Jakarta.

On November 2015 I am quitting my first job.

This year I also moved to a new department at my office, effective next year. Maybe I won’t coding anymore, or maybe I will only coding as a hobby.

The thing with coding is nowadays so many technologies and libraries coming up every years, even months. So to catch it up you need to keep informed, keep learning, which means longer time in front of computer screen. And I think that’s not so much healthy. So I want to asks something to all of you programmer, “can you think of any way to make money without coding ? Or you rely 100% on your coding skills to make money and to get a job ?” You need to think of it programmers. So for me this is a really challenging opportunity. And also for the long run I want to become a Manager, for now thankfully I am already a Leader in my company. But the thing is lead still required to do code. So for me being a manager I will also test my skills on manage people, which now I prefer so much more than code.

This year I also becoming a trainer at Google Gapura Digital. I train SMBs about how to going digital with Google Products. But somehow I feel a little bit disappointed about the whole event.

This year I don’t do much of outdoor activities, not like last year, I also not going to Lembang (My & my gf are not ready yet 😦 ).

Financially, I also made my first investment this year. So far it already make me a profit. But on the other side, I got drawn to streetwear culture, and it costs a lot of money. I also have a very huge amount of CC spending this year after a night of audit, this must be limited and improved for the next year.

Bought my first real watch, costing around US$500.

I also bought me a motorcycle after realizing that using Uber or online transportation even public transport will costs me more than owning and maintaining a motorcycle.

So I think for the year of 2018 :

  • I will still enjoy fashion and streetwear, but I will limits it. My wardrobe is also already full.
  • Make more money
  • Starting a “TWOH’s International Initiative”
  • Be more successful on my new jobdesc
  • More robust money management
  • And a lot of things which I am currently planning on my mind

So see ya.

Salam 🙂

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