The Year of 2017 Resolution

So, I think 2016 is my best year so far.

2016 marked my 3 years stay in Jakarta. Yeah as I remember very clearly I went to Jakarta 3 years ago on August 12th. That day was the second day of `Lebaran`, so I just went straight to Jakarta that evening by train.

And now I am on the verge of my 4th year stay in Jakarta.

I dunno, do I supposed to have an apartment by now? Or a house? Or a car?

Don’t know man.

But I always knew that I should go to Jakarta right straight after my college graduation.

I don’t have crazy blind dream like creating a startup, or IT consultant wannabe company etc. Back then my vision just to work at Jakarta and make money, more money is better. As now I also can see there are several of my friends who initially struggling to make their own startup or company, but ended up also as a corporate worker in Jakarta.

What happened to those blinddreams?

Back to this year, 2016.

Yeah, the title says resolution for 2017. But as usual I ended up creating something like reflection, or retrospective for the previous year.

So this year, I climbed up two mountains. The first is Gunung Gede, and then Gunung Papandayan.

I also went snorkeling in Karimunjawa.

I also went to Lembang, with someone. With a girl, actually. That might be my dearest moment of 2016.

I had this kind of revenge feeling when I saw couple romantically going together to Lembang and indulge in a rose colored quality moment. Back then when I still a college student in Bandung, I always refused when my classmates, or my friends asked me to go vacation on several tourist destination in Bandung and Lembang, like Kawah Putih, Ciwidey, Tangkuban Perahu, etc.

Because I thought that those kind of places can only be enjoyed together with your significant one. Or just with that little circle of your closest friends. You, or at least I, can’t enjoy travelling to Lembang with a large group of people. It’s noisy, tiring, and those lame jokes and laughs. Sorry, but I just can’t.

And finally I got my revenge on 2016. I go to Lembang with her, just two of us. We go to several places I’d only dare to dream about back then when I still a college student. I hope she is happy, isn’t she? Because I’am happy too. And I will not regretting something which make me happy.

I met several people at my new office (I started to work there on December 2015) who are, I don’t know what to say. But those are people whom I jokingly refer with my friend as, well educated, well raised, well funded, and well behaved. It’s like everything is well with them. You can know by just watch them like they have no problem. Laughing, and living in a prosperous life. I know, that’s just my viewing from the outside. But for me who are just an ordinary man, with an average education (I am not studying abroad), it can’t be helped but to be inspired by them and challenged myself to be better.

Well, what’s else to write on here?

I tried to write some kind of melancholy notes like I saw on one of my friend note. Or some depressed, struggling-themed note, but I just can’t. I do have my ups and downs on 2016, but I like… I don’t really care anymore. I become forgetful of bad things in my life, I even met my high school friend and I like totally forgot her name. (Of course she isn’t part of the bad things I mentioned before, I just totally forgot). Bad things do happen, that’s just how life is, and once you get used to it, it won’t matter anymore.

I hope 2016 is not my best year, because I really want 2017 to become my best year.

I want to make a shitload amount of money in 2017, make fortune if I can. And I will be going all out on this.

Because this time, I am not alone doing this.

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