Thoughts on Marriage

I am now almost 23 years old.

Yeah sometimes I also think about marriage, as some guys do.

Yeah, guys also doth think about marriage you know.

But unlike girls who are constantly worrying about marriage as long as they’re getting older, we guys maybe doesn’t worry as much as girls does.

Some guys like all things to be settled out before they marry, like home, car, good job and salary etc.

So maybe life’ll be more easier and comfy if all things already settled out.

And he can working for the families without much worry.

For now I am currently working for myself.

Yeah I have plan and mission too.

My mom said, if you marry at young age…

At the beginning, you’ll be happy, very happy… but that’s just kind of hyped happiness or some kind of euphoria because you’re success to got married at young age. After that, your life would be dull with routines and family matters.

Like paying bills (water, electric), and other households affairs.

Your youth time which could be used to pursue your dreams or careers, will be wasted on something that people at your age shouldn’t worry about. Like taking care of childs and all the matters above.

But then, my friend told me, “Yeah, paying bills, taking care of households, you’ll eventually doing that in your life. So what is the difference if you’re doing that at younger age?”

In this time span, twenty-something years old, I think it’s better just to having a relationship.

With planning ahead about marriage.

Or no planning at all.

Or, could we just casually living together without any bonds like marriage?

Lol, nah… just kidding.

So from my mother side, she seems doesn’t agree if I got married at young age. She would prefer me to having a towards-marriage-relationship like. Maybe she also does agree about casually living together things.


But what if I suddenly living abroad? Where casually living together couple is socially accepted there?

LOL Nah… I think that’s also won’t happen soon.

But for my father…

He constantly tells me.

Maybe, seeing me living too peacefully lazy without any target. (Actually I does have some targets, but they’re like long time target.)

“Son, don’t you want to marry someone in your life?”

That’s kinda heavy question. But yeah I do.

Then my dad suddenly bought another house in my hometown. The house is quite far from the neighborhood where my parents and my sister are currently living. But that’s a small and nice house.

So he told me again.

“If you’re getting married son. Let your wife(s) living in that house for quite some time.”

(idk if it’s wives of wife, but maybe I prefer just a singular wife)

Well, that’s mean the house is for me… Or maybe for me or my brother whoever got married first. But I don’t plan to living back in my hometown. I don’t know though, let the time decide.

You know, my parents are pretty old right now. With no one in our home except my sister. I am living in Jakarta, and my brother goes to college in Yogyakarta.

My mother can’t drive, either it’s motorcycle or car. So she’s kinda having some difficulties when she want to go somewhere.

Usually my brother or me who accompany her using motorcycle. But since we are not in home. Sometimes she asked our neighbors for a ride, or being driven by my father

And then at one time my father is like,

“You know son, nowadays many girls could driving a car, or motorcycle. So if you happens to find one, just make sure she could drive. So she can helping your mom when she wants to go somewhere, by giving her a ride.”

LOL my dad.

Usually I just sat silent there listening to his requests.

Yeah, sure, I’ll try to fulfills that.

But, idk, finding a right girl is kinda hard for a busy person like me.

So what do boys think about marriage?

Maybe it like,

“By all means marry. If you get a good wife, you’ll be happy. If you get a bad one, you’ll become a philosopher.”

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