Kunjungi Brand New Website dari TWOH’s Engineering


Sudah sejak lama saya mempunyai domain berekstensi .web.id, namun baru sekarang domain tersebut digunakan untuk hal serius, karena kemarin-kemarin domain itu bisa diibaratkan cuma singgah dari satu web hosting ke web hosting lainnya. haha.

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The Year of 2020 Resolution

This year’s resolution post might arrive a little late because I was busy at the end of the month and during January. So to summarize, last year in 2019 I bought my first house. That’s a very big purchase and almost depleted all of my savings money. It was a second house, but it located in a quite premium neighborhood and near South Jakarta. It is like only two stations away from the Palmerah station. Every time I’m riding taxis or Grabs back home, the driver always said something like this neighborhood is formerly home of many of the Indonesian actress and something like that.

This is changing my demography and also my commute daily, also my perspective and also plan for the future. November 2019 marked my last day of living on a rental property or kostan, and in December 2019 I finally moved to my own house. The date is coinciding with my first time moving into the latest kostan which I previously rent, I moved there in December 2015 and moved out December 2019. Who knows right?

Finally after living in a kostan for around 10 years, lol. 4 years during my college period, 6 years during my work period. I can move to a house.

Now I have a mortgage at the age of 28 years old.

Other purchases I make is a Windows gaming laptop, I always wanted to have a gaming laptop. Because my current device is 2015 Macbook Pro 15 inch. Gaming laptop is powerful, not only for gaming but also for coding and other memory-heavy activities. It’s an entry-level gaming laptop, but with 4GB graphics memory, I think its a quite decent one.

Other useless splurging is me bought two mechanical keyboards :(.

I don’t go on holiday that much in 2019, I just went to Surabaya and Madura, to see my brother off to his first work at Nusa Tenggara Timur. I plan to visit him last year, but that plan is not yet manifested. So I think this year I must go there, to Kupang and Maumere. And I’m also planning to take more holidays or abroad vacations this year.

Last year I broke up with my girlfriend, to be honest, I love her, but our situation is both difficult. I broke up with her before Ramadhan month, and it’s by far the most devastating broke up that I ever have. We still maintain friendly contact until now, because we end in good terms. Since then, I am still single until now.

Last year my boss is resigned, he is VP in my office, that was also a quite huge blow for me and team, and has set back my career plan. In the good part, everything is now clearer regarding my team and my career and will look forward to it in the future.
I also have a little workshop with my friend’s startup, a good one.
On a side note, my Adsense account got reinstated again, so I’m now can continue blogging for money.

I think my wishes for this year is to have abroad trips, and also to buy me a car, and then hopefully getting married this year, or next year. If I found the one of course.

The Year of 2019 Resolution

Don’t believe that now is 2019 already.

And I am turned 27 October last year.

Whatcha to say, now I am nearing 30 years old ūüėÄ

But yeah, this is the end of the year and its time to re-evaluate and to plan for the year ahead.

Many things happened in the 2018.

I started my new roles at my office which is not involve coding.

At first it was fun, you know meeting new people with different backgrounds. On my jobdesk mostly are people from Business or Marketing major at college.

They’re outgoing, fun and loud.

But over time, I found out the workplace environment becomes too noisy for an introvert person likes me. So on July 2018 I changed role again.

My previous boss is an Indian, and the newer is American-born Moroccan, they both are very smart and excels highly in their field.

My new role suited me better, its relating with Big Data and all of the hypes. Its good and challenging.

I also go through many leadership training, involves around how to practice 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, first on Self and then on the Team. And then there’s also a Situational Leadership Training, on how to coach your team according to the team’s situational status. And then I also attended SCRUM training also.

Thats very refreshing and gives me many insightful materials on how to become a good leader, and as my career progressed forward, I think I will become more in the managerial side with my coding background as a help aid.

I also got an offer to do voluntary work and helping my friend become Head of IT on his startup, I reluctantly accept, but I think I am not continuing it because of I am quite busy with my new roles as of now.

2018 is a pretty good year indeed.

On around February – May I got in a casual non-status relationship with a girl, she was from a dating online app, and then we got together casually before I decided to end it before fasting month.

And then in August 2018 I got myself a new girlfriend, met her at office event, she is pretty, smart, got a great connection and social circle. Basically a whole package you get it all-in. But with all the good things, there’s always one drawback, major drawback. That is she in a different faith than me.

I was always dreaming on having a relationship with girl from different religion, and never think too far on it, its like the saying of, “be careful on what you wish for.”

We’re still in a relationship as of now I am writing the article, she began to push me to become more serious with our relationship, but many things are need to be checked first.

On the financial side, I bought myself a new MacBook Pro 15 inch, year 2015. It is still a beast even 3 years later. Bought myself several high-end audio pieces, like AirPods and Bose Speaker, and then in November I bought myself the new iPhone XS Max. Bought me another watch around $300. It was a pretty splurging year.

This year I also began to invest two times, and netted me profit around 11 mio rupiah, a decent one I think.

But this year also I lost my passive incomes, on September, and still think how I will make another passive incomes.

This year I went to many places, mostly in Puncak because of company outing. I went to Puncak 3 times this year lol, and I also went to Bromo. It is a very good place, I always like mountains, but Bromo is on another level, its very surreal and otherworldly.

I went to Yogyakarta for my brother final graduation, its a sad and serene feeling that my brother will now leaving Yogyakarta for good. Previously when we go to Yogyakarta its because my brother is there, studying for college. But after his graduate, its starting to become a strange place. Much like mine when I am graduate and then leaving Bandung.

So to sum up… 2018 I am still make a huge amount of spending. And I think for 2019 I will :

  • invest more
  • bought me a new house
  • bought me a new car
  • be a real manager / senior lead
  • more robust money management
  • And a lot of things which I am currently planning on my mind…

See ya.

Salam ūüôā


The Year of 2018 Resolution

Time passes very fast, and now is time for me to make a yearly notes about resolution and retrospective. And… here comes the Year of 2018 Resolution.

I still do not think that 2017 will be passed this quickly.

I still think 2017 is not a very good year for me,

At least from my perspective. If you read my previous post, I was optimist about 2017, I said I will be making much money and on top of it I will not doing it alone. But I was wrong.

I don’t want to talk about it, the 2017 begin with a betrayal and then I believe most of it just a huge miscommunication and misunderstanding. And then I spends the most of it to moving on and just recover from it. Also plus one guy who is experiencing the same thing like me lol.

I ended up unfollowed her Instagram, cut her off from all my contacts, unfollowed our Instagram business that we made together, destroyed our site, just things a simple man like me will do. I think she doesn’t know yet about it, but when she finally know, “What the worst things can happen?” She will just unfollow-me-IG back, and that’s the best response she could give for me.

The thing learned is that we can’t just trust people easily, as always. And so for the long run I will prefer still doing anything (which involve building a business, or empire) by myself. Like how I always do with the TWOH’s Engineering¬†and others.

That’s one of the 2017’s have given to me. But thanks to my friends, my girl friends,¬†my side chicks who have helped me through all of this.

This year I also have a new girlfriend. We’re just casually on it, I am not yet thinking of bringing it to more serious stage of relationship. (Don’t worry. She won’t read it ūüôā )

2017 also marks my 4th years stay in Jakarta. I get used to things, I know places, made friends, gaining experiences and lot more.

I first came to Jakarta on August 2013, so yeah, this is my 4th years in Jakarta. And now I am on my way to my five years stay in Jakarta.

On November 2015 I am quitting my first job.

This year I also moved to a new department at my office, effective next year. Maybe I won’t coding anymore, or maybe I will only coding as a hobby.

The thing with coding is nowadays so many technologies and libraries coming up every years, even months. So to catch it up you need to keep informed, keep learning, which means longer time in front of computer screen. And I think that’s not so much healthy. So I want to asks something to all of you programmer, “can you think of any way to make money without coding ? Or you rely 100% on your coding skills to make money and to get a job ?” You need to think of it programmers. So for me this is a really challenging opportunity. And also for the long run I want to become a Manager, for now thankfully I am already a Leader in my company. But the thing is lead still required to do code. So for me being a manager I will also test my skills on manage people, which now I prefer so much more than code.

This year I also becoming a trainer at Google Gapura Digital. I train SMBs about how to going digital with Google Products. But somehow I feel a little bit disappointed about the whole event.

This year I don’t do much of outdoor activities, not like last year, I also not going to Lembang (My & my gf are not ready yet ūüė¶ ).

Financially, I also made my first investment this year. So far it already make me a profit. But on the other side, I got drawn to streetwear culture, and it costs a lot of money. I also have a very huge amount of CC spending this year after a night of audit, this must be limited and improved for the next year.

Bought my first real watch, costing around US$500.

I also bought me a motorcycle after realizing that using Uber or online transportation even public transport will costs me more than owning and maintaining a motorcycle.

So I think for the year of 2018 :

  • I will still enjoy fashion and streetwear, but I will limits it. My wardrobe is¬†also already full.
  • Make more money
  • Starting a “TWOH’s International Initiative”
  • Be more successful on my new jobdesc
  • More robust money management
  • And a lot of things which I am currently planning on my mind

So see ya.

Salam ūüôā

The Year of 2017 Resolution

So, I think 2016 is my best year so far.

2016 marked my 3 years stay in Jakarta. Yeah as I remember very clearly I went to Jakarta 3 years ago on August 12th. That day was the second day of `Lebaran`, so I just went straight to Jakarta that evening by train.

And now I am on the verge of my 4th year stay in Jakarta.

I dunno, do I supposed to have an apartment by now? Or a house? Or a car?

Don’t know man.

But I always knew that I should go to Jakarta right straight after my college graduation.

I don’t have crazy blind¬†dream like creating a startup, or IT consultant wannabe company etc. Back then my vision just to work at Jakarta and make money, more money is better. As now I also can see there are several of my friends who initially struggling¬†to make their own startup or company, but ended up also as a corporate worker in Jakarta.

What happened to those blinddreams?

Back to this year, 2016.

Yeah, the title says resolution for 2017. But as usual I ended up creating something like reflection, or retrospective for the previous year.

So this year, I climbed up two mountains. The first is Gunung Gede, and then Gunung Papandayan.

I also went snorkeling in Karimunjawa.

I also went to Lembang, with someone. With a girl, actually. That might be my dearest moment of 2016.

I had this kind of revenge feeling when I saw couple romantically going together to Lembang and indulge in a rose colored quality moment. Back then when I still a college student in Bandung, I always refused when my classmates, or my friends asked me to go vacation on several tourist destination in Bandung and Lembang, like Kawah Putih, Ciwidey, Tangkuban Perahu, etc.

Because I thought that those kind of places can only be enjoyed together with your significant one. Or just with that little circle of your closest friends. You, or at least I, can’t enjoy travelling to Lembang with a large group of people. It’s noisy, tiring, and those lame jokes and laughs. Sorry, but I just can’t.

And finally I got my revenge on 2016. I go to Lembang with her, just two of us. We go¬†to several places I’d only dare to dream about back then¬†when I still a college student. I hope she is happy, isn’t she? Because I’am happy too. And I will not regretting something which make me happy.

I met several people at my new office (I started to work there on December 2015) who are, I don’t know what to say. But those are people whom I jokingly refer with my friend as, well educated, well raised, well funded, and well behaved. It’s like everything is well with them. You can know by just watch them like they have no problem. Laughing, and living in a prosperous life. I know, that’s just my viewing from the outside. But for me who¬†are just an ordinary man, with an average education (I am not studying abroad), it can’t be¬†helped but to be inspired by them and challenged¬†myself to be¬†better.

Well, what’s else to write on here?

I tried to write some kind of melancholy notes like I saw on one of my friend note. Or some depressed, struggling-themed note, but I just can’t. I do have my ups and downs on 2016, but I like… I don’t really care anymore. I become forgetful of bad things in my life, I even met my high school friend and I like totally forgot her name. (Of course she isn’t part of the bad things I mentioned before, I just totally forgot). Bad things do happen, that’s just how life is, and once you get used to it, it won’t matter anymore.

I hope 2016 is not my best year, because I really want 2017 to become my best year.

I want to make a shitload amount of money in 2017, make fortune if I can. And I will be going all out on this.

Because this time, I am not alone doing this.

The Year of 2016 Resolution

I don’t think it will be this fast to arrive at year 2016.

Yeah, it’s still unpredictable as usual.

But, a bit looking back at 2015. I think not many things have happened.

Not like 2014, when that year was my first time taking a photograph with Ahok.

2015 I am working too, but not as hard or as hectic as 2014.

And then in 2015, I quit from my previous dead-end job… And I got a new job on a startup unicorn company wannabe in Indonesia.

Hope it will be a real unicorn company soon.

I am look forward to what can I do, to new things here in 2016.

See ya.

Resolusi Tahun 2015

Karena 2 tahun sebelumnya saya telat bikin resolusi untuk tahun berikutnya, maka kali ini saya mencoba membuat resolusi lebih awal dibandingkan tahun-tahun sebelumnya.

Untuk tahun depan, dan juga sudah dimulai dari sekarang, barangkali saya tidak akan lagi memfokuskan diri pada hal-hal yang berbau achievements, pencapaian, dan hal-hal yang bersifat material, hal-hal yang hanya menjadi semacam ‘label’ yang melekat pada diri kita.

Saya ingin mencoba untuk nullifying life, memasuki zen mode, bebas dari distraksi.

That’s why, saya tidak akan membahas tentang apa-apa yang terjadi di tahun 2014 ini…¬†Karena itu sebagai gantinya¬†saya ingin mencoba membahas tentang nilai-nilai.

Tahun 2014 yang menjadi pelajaran paling berharga, adalah nilai berikut :

“Dalam hidup, kalian akan bertemu dengan satu atau dua orang yang tidak baik, orang yang jahat.¬†Namun pada akhirnya, orang-orang yang brengsek itulah, yang nantinya akan mengungkap seperti apa diri kalian yang sesungguhnya.

Karena itu maha benar apa yang tertulis dalam QS Al-Furqon 20 :¬† ‚ÄúKami jadikan sebagian kalian cobaan bagi sebagian yg lain.”

Itulah nilai, filosofi nomor satu yang akan saya bawa ke tahun depan, dan semoga bisa menjadi landasan tentang apa-apa yang akan saya lakukan di tahun 2015.

Sebenarnya ada beberapa nilai lagi yang lain, namun saya terlalu malas untuk menuliskannya.

Salam ūüôā

Iklan Game Hentai di Google Adsense

Sudah beberapa bulan ini saya bermain Google Adsense, saya sudah nggak heran ketika menemui banyak iklan yang aneh. Hingga suatu ketika saya menemukan iklan ini.

iklan-aneh iklan-aneh-adsense


The Hell ! Tentu saja mbah Google melarang keras iklannya dipasang di situs yang mengandung unsur-unsur pornografi. Tetapi ternyata Google tidak melarang kita memasang iklan yang berbau pornografi. ūüėÄ

Setelah ane selidiki, ternyata itu hanyalah semacam kedok. Karena sebenernya si pemasang iklan adalah pengembang game asal Taiwan. Game aslinya adalah game rpg fighting. 

Resolusi Tahun 2013

Entah kenapa, saya baru posting resolusi tahun 2013 di tahun 2013.

Mungkin karena posting resolusi tahun 2013 di tahun 2012, apalagi bulan Desember dan tanggal 28 – 31 sudah sangat mainstream.

Kira-kira apa ya yang menjadi resolusi saya tahun ini?

Sebenernya saya sendiri nggak terlalu paham akan arti dari resolusi, jadi saya melakukan sedikit googling…

Dan karena cari menggunakan bahasa Indonesia tidak menghasilkan hasil yang diharapkan, saya pun akhirnya menemukan hasilnya di wikipedia bahasa inggris.

A¬†New Year’s resolution¬†is a¬†commitment¬†that a person makes to one or more personal¬†goals, projects, or the reforming of a¬†habit. A key element to a New Year’s resolution that sets it apart from other resolutions is that it is made in anticipation of the New Year and new beginnings. People committing themselves to a New Year’s resolution generally plan to do so for the whole following year. This¬†lifestyle¬†change is generally interpreted as advantageous.

Bla… bla… bla… panjang banget.

Begitulah orang-orang pinter, kalau ngomong pasti panjang dan detail banget. ha ha ha

Yah tapi saya pinginnya yang simpel-simpel aja. Intinya… ya gitu.

Instead of¬†bikin resolusi panjang lebar, saya cuma akan merevisi aktivitas-aktivitas penting saya di tahun 2012 lalu… Kalau nggak lupa…

  • Januari¬†: Presentasi depan Kemenkes
  • Februari¬†: Ke tegal
  • Maret¬†: Bantuin dosen kesayangan ngelarin thesis (walau akhirnya nggak kelar XD)
  • April¬†: Ngerjain Proyek Akhir (a.k.a¬†bantu2 mahasiswa D3)
  • Mei : Ngelarin proyek yang nggak jelas XD¬†(Akhirnya diakhiri dengan cara terpaksa mogok mroyek, jangan ditiru ya. :p Lain kali harus bisa lebih profesional)
  • Juni : Libur/Kerja Praktek
  • Juli :¬†Kerja Praktek
  • Agustus¬†: Libur/Balik kampung
  • September¬†: ke Google Day Indonesia, sekaligus ke Google DevFest, sekaligus mampir ke Lab Access cabang Mampang Prapatan hehe
  • Oktober¬†: Iseng-iseng ikut kompetisi submit paper (TICA TOKODAI) gagal.¬†Di bulan ini juga, tiba-tiba ada tawaran proyek yang nggak akan pernah terlupakan, yang sayangnya nggak berani saya ambil karena belum lulus dan scala besar. Timnya enak, orang-orangnya enak. Terutama proyek manajernya. Mungkin ketika nanti saya lulus, merekalah yang akan pertama kali saya kontak. Sekalian cari kerja mungkin… hehe
  • November : Submit paper lagi, yang ini diterima tapi nggak ada dananya. Dan belum tau musti gimana… haha. Pengisi pelatihan program unggulan fakultas tetangga membuat blog untuk dosen.
  • Desember : Bikin pelatihan Android yang kedua, yah walau karena bukan saya yang mimpin (alibi) pelatihan jadi kurang greget dan yang datang nggak banyak. Jadi ingat pelatihan tahun kemarin, saya yang mimpin. Karena saya orangnya perfeksionis, semuanya saya handle. Akibatnya langsung sakit tipes habis pelatihan. Tapi puas rasanya… Sampai sekarang nggak ngerti orang-orang yang tahan mengerjakan sesuatu yang setengah-setengah.

That’s all.¬†

Kalau bicara proyekan, tahun kemarin ada ditawari sekitaran 5-6 atau 7 proyek… saya lupa. Tapi akhirnya yang bisa berhasil jalan dan menghasilkan cuma dua. haha Ada beberapa yang saya tolak, sekitar 3 atau 4. Dan ada satu yang nggak jadi dikasihkan karena tabiat tim proyeknya ketahuan… haha

Dari pengalaman itu, saya jadi ada pengalaman (yaiyalah). Dan ke depannya mungkin nggak akan sembarangan nerima proyek. Karena setelah diskusi dengan para proyek master, saya jadi dapat pencerahan dan ilmu dari sana. Sekaligus kondisi dan road map prospek perproyekan Indonesia. (Halah…)

Untuk resolusi tahun 2013 sendiri…

Hidup Tanpa Resolusi !!! Hore…! ūüėÄ

Tapi nggak juga…

Ya, saya sendiri juga punya beberapa target untuk tahun ini… Tapi karena sifatnya yang personal, dan memang baiknya dibuat personal. Maka mungkin tidak untuk dipostingkan di sini.

Baca resolusi dari beberapa teman, yah, cukup tahu :), ada yang kecewa sama tahun kemarin, menyalahkan diri sendiri, dan lain sebagainya. Ya saya sendiri sadar, bahwa walau tahun kemarin tidak sempurna. Tapi saya bersyukur atas tahun lalu.

Saya bersyukur masuk ke dalam Laboratorium saya yang sekarang, laboratorium yang para anggotanya nggak memikirkan kepentingannya masing-masing. Yang jaringan seniornya kuat dan peduli satu sama lain. Yang di sana keakraban sangat kuat terasa. Terima kasih atas tahun lalu yang berharga. ūüôā Semoga nanti bisa mempersembahkan sesuatu untuk lab, sebelum saya lulus.

Ibu saya selalu memberikan wejangan, sebelum saya lulus, diharapkan cari koneksi sebanyak-banyaknya. Kontak sana-sini, kontak temen SMA dan lain sebagainya. Karena manusia nggak hidup sendirian, karena ada kondisi aneh dimana dunia ini cuma peduli atas apa yang bisa kamu kontribusikan/kamu berikan.

Saya nggak bakalan jelasin artinya itu lebih lanjut. Tapi ya slowly but surely saya mulai bangun koneksi, yang sudah ada diperkuat. Karena saya sudah termasuk renegade yang pergi keluar dari teritori fakultas saya dan mencari pengalaman di fakultas-fakultas lain haha

Ada tiga hal besar yang saya ingin lakukan di Tahun 2013. Beberapa mungkin hanya akan dilakukan sampai durasi tertentu :

  1. Ngerjain TA sampai lulus dan wisuda
  2. Ngeblog.¬†Target saat ini dua postingan per dua hari. ūüėÄ Saya ingin bikin suatu portal media. Mungkin bersama teman saya yang saat ini nge-blog tutorial di bidang jaringan. Saya di bidang programming. Yah siapa tahu berguna nantinya.
  3. Menemukan arti hidup
  4. Mencari pendamping wisuda dan hidup
  5. Bangun pagi. Hidup lebih baik dan lebih berarti.

Saya ingin jadi pribadi yang lebih sederhana dan lebih bisa menerima apa adanya. Karena memang kehidupan saya sebelum masa kuliah diwarnai dengan dua warna itu, sederhana dan apa adanya. Tapi juga tegas. Nggak terlalu banyak mikirin hal-hal yang nggak penting, ribet sana sini, kayak cewek aja. haha Walau mungkin detail dan perfeksionis tetap nomor satu. Intinya, less worry. 

Saya ingin mencoba mengkosongkan gelasnya, dan membiarkan Allah yang mengisi dengan yang terbaik.

Kira-kira seperti itu. Selamat malam dan selamat beristirahat.

Mimpi yang Aneh

Catatan : cerita ini saya terjemahkan dari bahasa Jepang ke bahasa Indonesia, saya bukan pengarang cerita ini.

Konon ada sepasang suami istri yang tinggal berdua. Sejak sekitar satu bulan yang lalu, sang suami terus mengalami mimpi aneh yang sama setiap hari. Dia bahkan tidak yakin apakah itu benar-benar sebuah  mimpi atau bukan.

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